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Many current and previous undergraduates in my laboratory (Aesher, Baskind, Cummings, Farnam, Garcia, Hsu, Lichstein, Loftin, Lusco, Nguyen, Storm, Thomas, Truchard, and Weiner) have been awarded NIH or Howard Hughes Fellowships for the summer, four (Bobb, Eddleman, Sterkenburg, and Todora) have been awarded fellowships at Woods Hole, and five (Bobb, Brown, Loftin, Sunio, and Wade) have been awarded ATP Minority Fellowships. Almost all students who had worked in my laboratory have been admitted to excellent medical or graduate schools (Cummings - Cell and Molecular Biology, UCSF; Cobb - Biology, UC Berkeley; Storm - Cell and Molecular Biology, Stanford; Truchard - Biology, UC Berkeley; Todora - Neurobiology, Harvard; Weiner - Cell and Molecular Biology, UCSF; Hristov – Johns Hopkins Medical School; Marzullo – Neuroscience, Univ. of Michigan: Truong –University of Texas Medical School at Houston; Rossano, Driscoll: UT Medical School San Antonio; Covington/Figard – Rice University; Boydston, Ha-Southwestern Medical School, Hastings: Neuroscience, Texas A&M, Riley: Georgetown Medical School. Mazal-Southwestern Medical School: Pyarali-Baylor Medical School;   Many have won Research Grants or other honors at UT (Cummins, Hsu, Truchard, Todora, Weiner, Rossano, Robinson, Jang, Covington, Boydston, Ha, Pyarali, Mazal)


Publications since 1996 of undergraduates (asterisked*) are as follows:


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