Next Gen Sequencing

Our sequencing services are based on Illumina's industry-leading technology for sequencing accuracy and output.  We operate a ~2,000 sq. ft., controlled-access and fully-equipped molecular biology laboratory outfitted with Covaris ultrasonicators, automated qPCR set-up and analysis equipment, Agilent Bioanalyzers, Qubit, NanoDrops and the Tecan Freedom Evo robotic liquid handling station.  Our fleet of Illumina NGS systems and associated peripherals include:

The MiSeq (three systems) is best for smaller projects or for projects requiring longer read lengths. Our distinctive "per-read" pricing is offered on the 500 cycle-V2 (PE2X250) and 600 cycle-V3 PE 2X300) run types.  An explanation of our "per-read" pricing and current rates are found on our wiki site.

The NextSeq (two sytems) is ideal for intermediate-scale projects, requiring more read depth than is feasible on the MiSeq platform but with a faster turn-around time than the HiSeq platform. The SE 1X75 run type is available for "per-read" pricing with an expected output of 330 million reads per run for libraries prepared by the GSAF.  Clients can also order the whole run for High-Output V2 kits of 150 or 300 cycles.   Depending on the run type, raw data is produced 11-30 hours after the run is started.

The HiSeq 4000 generates >1.4 terabases of sequence in a 3.5-day run for maximum sequencing coverage. The "per-read" pricing option is available on the SR 1X50 or the PE 2X150 run types.  Contact the GSAF to request other run types.

Visit our wiki page to submit a service request for Next Gen sequencing of finished libraries or to have us prepare your libraries for sequencing. 

We use a variety of quality control tools to test library quality and support users who create their own libraries or who wish to outsource this service to the GSAF.  Our “per-read” pricing option on the popular run types is a cost-effective way to do many NGS experiments, such as metagenomcs, genotyping-by-sequencing, RNA-seq, and whole genome bacterial sequencing, among others.  The GSAF staff of experienced technicians is capable of performing many RNA and DNA library preps including directional RNA-seq libraries, small RNA libraries, whole genome DNA libraries, enriched DNA libraries (e.g. exome capture libraries), and many other more specialized library types.  Our data systems are integrated with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) supercomputer resources, and we work closely with the CCBB/CSSB Bioinformatics Consulting Group who consult and analyze NGS data.