Slideshow Widget

  1. Hover over Build in the Admin Toolbar, and click on Layout.
  2. Once on the layout page, click on the  tab in the upper right.
  3. Select Slideshow under Media

4. Fill in the form, giving your Slideshow a description, a title, and a layout scheme.
NOTE: It is best practice to use a HWPI theme when using a Slideshow, otherwise formatting errors may occur
5. At the bottom of the form you will see a box that says:

This means that in order to add images, you will first need to drag and drop the slideshow into the page layout and save.

6. You can also use the Display Options tab to modify the duration of the slideshow, and the speed of slide transitions.

7. When finished modifying settings, click Save.
8. Grab the widget from the widget library at the top of the layout page, and place it on the page layout as desired.

9. When you visit the page you added the slideshow onto, you will see an option on the top left corner off your slideshow that says .

10. When clicked, a form will appear presenting you with the options to:

    1. Upload an image file.
    2. Link that image file to a URL.
    3. Provide a headline and/or a description for the image.
    4. It is important to add Alt text for accessibility.
    5. If you would like text to appear on hover, fill in the Title text field.

11. When you are finished customizing your uploaded image, click Save. Use this method to add multiple images.

You will also be able to edit your slideshow images by locating the grey edit gear above the slideshow widget.

Editing Slideshow Images

Once the slideshow has been built, you can edit it in different functions.

1. Change the description and title
You can change the title of the slideshow and add more specific description.

2. Change the layout
You can choose a new layout to show your slides.

3. Display order and options
You can drag and put each slide in the order you want them to show.

You can also change the duration for each slide, transition speed and make slides show in random order.

4. Edit each slide
You can edit each single slide, by cropping and resizing the original image, updating the URL, headline and description. Also if you want to hide it, you can uncheck the publish box.