BOT Greenhouse

BOTLocated at the western end of the Turtle Pond area, and due south of the Biological Lab Building, this facility houses the Teaching or Standing Collection. It is surrounded by a native plant xeriscape. The standing collection represents a broad range of plant families for the purposes of illustrating and demonstrating plant systematics, different aspects of plant physiology, and plant evolution. Undergraduate labs regularly visit the greenhouse for hands-on tours, and plants are temporarily removed to be used within remote class labs. The Horticulturist generally fields random plant-related questions that reach the BioSci Department from the general public.

Occasionally a research project will be grown in the BOT Greenhouse, but generally that is not the case. Some professors based in the BioLab Bldg. use the greenhouse for housing of research plants. The southern-most house is the sunniest and holds the widest range of plants; the center house is filled with ferns, aroids, and orchids. The north room contains primarily cycads and primitive plants such as selaginella, mosses, lycopodium, marsilea, and whisk fern. Plans have been made to renovate and restore the greenhouse at some point in the future; when and if funds are available.