Brackenridge Field Lab Research Greenhouse

BFLThe BFL Research Greenhouse contains a state-of-the-art dual range unit with an attached headhouse/office; both are contained within a security fence enclosure, just west of the Lake Austin Center at Brackenridge Field Lab.

Brackenridge Field Lab Research Greenhouse (BFLRG) - Lake Austin Center
3001 Lake Austin Blvd
Austin, TX 78703
NOTE: A valid UT Parking Permit is required for parking in the Greenhouse facility lot!

This research facility features computer controls and monitoring (capable of being remotely monitored) for ambient and supplemental light, retractable reflective sidewall cooling shades, temperature, and humidity. Plant benches are of the sliding type. Water is filtered, pH balanced, and softened prior to use on the plants. The headhouse/office area is climate-controlled, and has a walk-in cooler for plant diurnal simulation. An emergency backup generator is on-site to engage automatically should there be a power failure. On-site pot washing and supplies storage facilities are present. Occasionally projects are grown outside, within the fence enclosure.