Welch Greenhouse

Welch GreenhouseThe Welch Greenhouse has a range of climate-controlled greenhouses and growth chambers that are on the 6th (top) floor of Welch Hall, also known as the Chemistry Building.

Welch Greenhouse Access: Only Elevator #4 goes up to the 6th Floor of Welch Hall; all other elevators stop at the 5th Floor, including the Freight Elevator. Elevator #4 can be located on the east side of the building, just south of the loading dock. Once you get to the elevator lobby of the 6th Floor, you will find a locked door with a buzzer. For that reason, you are strongly urged to call first to schedule an appointment or make arrangements for entry by contacting Shane Merrell or Mick Vann.

Welch Greenhouse facilities is the primary on-campus location for College of Natural Sciences research involving plants. Use of the greenhouse space is allocated on a space-available basis and may be reserved by Plant Bio Faculty and their students once the proper request form is submitted and approved (see below).