SICB 2018

Hot off the press: Mitonuclear special issue at ICB!

October 26, 2019
This week a special issue of Integrative and Comparative Biology dropped highlighting papers from our symposium on mitonuclear ecology. This issue contains 14 papers on everything from mother's curse to speciation, all in light of mitonuclear interactions. These include reviews, primary research articles, and descriptions of hypotheses. Study systems range from plants to invertebrates to vertebrates. Not sure where to start exploring this mitonuclear Read more about Hot off the press: Mitonuclear special issue at ICB!
Erik Jerry

New lab members!

September 2, 2019
A big welcome to the new lab members joining this Fall! Erik Iverson is a PhD student in the EEB program interested in the role of mitochondria and mitonuclear coevolution in sexual signalling, species boundaries, and evolution in general. Jerry Maeda is a rotation student in the CMB program that will be examining how the unusual DUI of mitochondria in bivalves affects molecular evolution in mito- and nuclear-encoded genes. Additionally, Gina Carrion is joing the lab as an undergraduate researcher who will be doing some physiology with mitochondria, whole organisms, and everyhting in between Read more about New lab members!

SMBE 2019

July 25, 2019
Just returned from the annual Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution meeting, held this year in Manchester, England. There was a great symposium on mitonuclear interactions that featured some old friends and big names in the field that were new faces to me. I contributed a poster highlighting several recent and ongoing projects in the lab from many undergraduate researchers and collaborators. This was my first SMBE meeting and I'll definitely be looking to go again next year. Also got to explore a Read more about SMBE 2019
amphipod sampling

Texas field work

July 5, 2019
We got to sample amphipods from a local spring today! This is in preparation for a new project looking at thermal adaptation in cave organisms. Looking forward to working with some native Texas fauna! Read more about Texas field work

Rachel joins the lab!

June 22, 2019
Rachel Nix, an undergraduate researcher from Baylor University, is joining the lab for the summer! Rachel will be measuring mitochondrial respiration in plants, quantifying thermal tolerance in cave organisms, and performing a meta-analysis on thermal respiration. Welcome Rachel!  Read more about Rachel joins the lab!

Hot off the press: Selfish mitonuclear conflict

June 3, 2019
Our review on selfish mitonuclear conflict is now available via Current Biology. Although integrated mitochondria represent one of the most successful mutualisms ever, they usually maintain their own genomes. Mito genomes can often be in conflict with the nuclear genome. In this review, we desribe mechanisms of the two main types of conflict: selfish mito replication at the expense of organismal Read more about Hot off the press: Selfish mitonuclear conflict