Current Lab Members

Owen Gilbert

Owen Gilbert, Visiting Researcher
Owen works on microbial ecology, evolution, and behavior, with a focus on cooperation in social amoebae

Stephanie Kivlin

Stephanie Kivlin, Postdoctoral Researcher
Stephanie is broadly interested in plant and microbial community assembly. Her research takes her from tropical to boreal systems.

Gabe Miller

Gabriel MillerGraduate Student
Gabe is working on the drivers of historical contingencies in microbial communities 

Moriah Sandy

Moriah Sandy, Research Educator
Moriah leads our FRI course, BioProspecting, and is the brains behind our research on chemical mechanisms of plant-fungal interactions

Elise Worchel

Elise Worchel Connor, Postdoctoral Researcher
Elise is testing how fungal symbionts affect plant drought responses using genome-enabled transcriptomics and metabolomics.