November 2015

Back up Your Data with UTBackup!

Backing up your computer's data to a secure off site location protects you against a variety of data losses, from broken hard drives, to corrupted data, to accidentally deleted files. But manually backing up files can be a time-consuming and tedious process.   UTBackup provides an automated,  enterprise class, file-level backup solution1 for the University that is Category I data compliant2.  UTBackup is available to all current CNS faculty and staff.  Once installed and configured, it works behind the scenes whenever you are on a wired or wireless

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Port 111 rpcbind Vulnerability

On November 2, 2015, the Information Security Office (ISO) asked the IT community to configure systems so that their portmappers (also known as rpcbind) weren't exposed to the public Internet, or required authentication to access. Here is the ISO's description of the portmapper, its concerns with portmapper; and its plan of action dealing with systems with portmappers exposed to the public Internet:

"Portmapper is an RPC service, which always listens on tcp and udp 111, and is used to map other RPC services (such as nfs, nlockmgr, quotad, mountd, etc.) to their corresponding

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Using Your Cellphone on UT's WiFi Network

Many cellphone carriers have data service plans that allow for unlimited usage on WiFi networks. WiFi networks also generally allow for faster data transfer rates. For these reasons faculty, staff, and students use their cellphones on the campus WiFi network.

However, doing so has consequences that some users do not appreciate:

  • Using the campus WiFi network subjects a cellphone's traffic to monitoring by UT's Information Security Office.
  • Using the campus WiFi network extends the university's Acceptable Use Policy to cellphones using that network. In short,
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Web Central and UTS Retirements

In the summer of 2016, Information Technology Services (ITS) will retire Web Central, the legacy shared Web hosting and UNIX Timesharing System (UTS) email service at the university.

Web Central Websites

• All Web Central websites within the domain and virtual hosts must be migrated or archived by the end of June 2016

• If you have not yet set a deadline for migrating your websites or determined that they can be archived, please email

• The

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Get the Most Out of Training

Our partnership with, which is available to UT Austin faculty, staff and students at no cost, is one of the best opportunities you have at UT Austin to update your skills or learn a new skill set. is an online learning site with courses on a large variety of topics which can be accessed anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection.

There are many ways to take advantage of Some people take courses for their own interest and skill development. Some people prefer to search to find an answer to a

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