August 2016

Start the Year Off Strong -- With a Strong Password!

As the fall semester starts, we'd like to take the opportunity to remind you to have strong passwords, or passphrases, for all your online accounts and to change them at least yearly.

(Check out this list of the world's weakest passwords: )

Please remember that the security of any system is only as good as its

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Welcome to UT Austin

Among the first things that students new to UT Austin should do, is getting their laptops and cellphones set up to gain access to campus IT resources.

You will want your cellphone configured for:

two-factor authentication (via Duo Mobile)
access to the campus WiFi network
access to your university email account

You will want your laptop configured for:

university vpn (via Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client)
access to the campus WiFi network
access to your university email

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CNS Lectures on Demand

Did you know that certain lecture halls within WEL and PAI have the technology to allow you to record your lectures so that students have access to them later for class review? Using the Mediasite platform, you can capture the audio, video (wide fixed shot of the instructor's podium), and the computer/document-camera/laptop feeds (one at a time) and have them published to a central server that students can access for up to one year via a UT EID login. This service is currently available at no cost to instructors and students.

For more information on the locations that have lecture

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Ransomware is a term used for malware that infects a computer and makes changes to a computer or the files on it that may be undone after the computer's owner pays the attacker.

The most common form of change that ransomware currently makes is encryption of files on the computer it infects.

Unlike most malware, ransomware does not stay in stealth mode on a computer it infects. Rather, after ransomware has finished making changes to the computer or files, it announces its presence to the computer's owner. The announcement may

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Campus Launches "ServiceNow" Cloud-based Help Desk

On Thursday, 28 July 2016, ITS announced that ServiceNow has gone live. The announcement reads:

"A new Information Technology Services (ITS) website, IT@UT, and our new service management and incident management system, UT ServiceNow, are now available.

"IT@UT replaces the current ITS website and provides a centralized listing of IT services offered by many university Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs).  IT@UT links closely to UT ServiceNow, which is

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