December 2016

Holiday Break

The Holidays are upon us! As we wind down the year, the university will be closed next  week with only skeleton crews working when and where needed.

Of course IT needs to keep running, so some of our OIT staff will be either working or on call. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all OIT employees, including those working over the breaks.

Unless you've been told otherwise by your system administrators or TSCs, please remember to turn off your computers and printers over the break.  Not only will this save money and electricity, but it helps prevent

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Defending Against Identity Theft as Tax Season Approaches

by the Information Security Office of The University of Texas at Austin

ATTN: Faculty & Staff

As tax season approaches, the Information Security Office would like to remind you that targeted phishing attacks are already starting to hit the campus.
Please be very vigilant when reviewing e-mails and clicking on URLs.  
Attackers prey on unsuspecting individuals and are counting on carelessness.

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CNS Printer Project

On 25 October 2016, the UT Information Security Office released lists of 115 printers in CNS that are on public-facing IP addresses, making them accessible from the internet. Many of these printers were installed with all their services enabled and without their default admin passwords being changed.

Printers on public IP addresses pose security risks and are being exploited by bad-faith actors. Printers on campus have been used by bad-faith actors to print out offensive propaganda. Bad-faith actors have also sent commands to exposed printers to print out gibberish until all paper

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