February 2017

Why You Should Check With CNS OIT Before You Buy or Build Your Next Computer

A computer is just a computer, right?  

You would think that, as they are everywhere; ubiquitous even. And we are used to using our personal computers to accomplish a range of tasks, everything from word processing, balancing financial spreadsheets, and keeping up on current events, to video chatting with family, friends, and colleagues thousands of miles away, watching movies, or playing games. Such computers are sometimes called general-purpose computers; and thanks to their versatility, it seems to many people that there's simply nothing they can't do.


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New Phishing Defenses

Dateline Thursday, February 16, 2017:

On behalf of the ITS-Systems e-mail team I would like to share an update on their effort to move the campus e-mail defenses to the Cisco hosted platform so that we can properly leverage some much needed features.

ITS-Systems is in the process of adjusting some e-mail filtering workflow to better automate detection and notification.  This change will give the ITS-Systems e-mail team a chance to perform final testing of the new Cisco hosted platform and will help the university get there faster — forecast in the next

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Need a Scanner? How about your Smart Phone?

Need a scanner, but don't want to buy a pricey dedicated scanner or multi-function printer?  If you have one of today's high-powered smartphones (or tablets), you can use that instead.  Thanks to the high-quality cameras on today's top smart phones and applications made to scan via your smart phone, scanning a document or photo with great results is as easy as opening an app and snapping a picture.

While you could just use your smart phone to take a photo of your document, today we will look at three free apps you can use to scan using your smart phones.1 

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UTLearn Provides Learning Opportunities for Employees

This is an email that went out from the university CIO on January 20, 2017.

UT Learn, powered by Cornerstone, launched at UT Austin in April 2016 and is the first university-wide employee training management system offered on our campus. With UTLearn, employees can experience self-guided, continuous learning, manage their own training, accelerate personal performance, and better support the mission and goals of the University. Employees also have greater autonomy in managing their own training and can use dynamic searching within

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