August 2017

Beware Hurricane Harvey Scams

Our thoughts are with the many Texans enduring or recovering from floods and wind damage along the coast, around Houston, and in South and Central Texas. Many of us have family and friends in the affected areas.  It's natural to want to help, but please remember to be careful about requests for help via email or social media.

Scammers are already using Hurricane Harvey to trick people into clicking on links on Facebook, Twitter, and in phishing emails trying to redirect the money into their own pockets that we would give to help the flood victims. 

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Red Hat Satellite Service

Many Linux system administrators have been using CentOS (or other Red Hat variants) for years due to the historically high purchase and licensing costs associated with using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or RHEL.

However, several years ago, UT set up a Red Hat Satellite system that allows UT personnel to use RHEL on their UT systems without cost for the base system and current patches.

Red Hat Satellite is an IT infrastructure management tool, primarily used to monitor and manage RHEL systems and environments.  While Red Hat Satellite can provide

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Passwordless SSH/SFTP Access in Linux

You can somewhat easily setup passwordless access to most Linux machines via ssh from a specific, trusted Linux machine (e.g., your office machine, laptop, etc).  To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On the bash shell of the machine and account you want to ssh/sftp FROM (e.g. your laptop), generate an ssh key pair if you don't already have one:

    if [ ! -d ~/.ssh ] ;
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Cleaning Your Personally-Managed Linux System Using BleachBit

Utilities exist to help you find and clean your system of old and unused files. This allows you to free up disk space.  In this article we will look at installing and running on personally-managed Linux systems a utility that's free and available not only for many Linux distributions, but also Windows and Mac OSX.

Before we begin, it is important to keep in mind that running utilities that delete files with elevated privileges can break a system. One must always exercise care when doing so. Always keep in mind when running BleachBit that its file deletions are

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