February 2018

OneDrive for Business

Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business is now available for faculty and staff, providing the UT community yet another cloud-based storage service option that allows easy access to files from anywhere on any device. OneDrive users get 1TB of available storage space.

With OneDrive for Business, you can select which files you wish to sync. You can then access synced files on your device from anywhere, and unsynced files from anywhere with an Internet connection. (Synced files will automatically reconcile your changes with copies in cloud storage once your device has an

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UT Box on Mobile Devices

Box has support for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices1.  While you could just open Box in a web browser on your mobile device, using the mobile app gives you easy access to the power and simplicity of Box, laid out in a format conducive to the small touch screens of today's mobile devices. Using these apps, you can create, view, edit, and share content using your mobile device.

You can install the mobile apps from your device's app store, just like any other app.  Information on using them is available at: 

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UT Box Edit

Previously we've discussed using Box Sync and Box Drive, both of which help remove or reduce one's dependency on browsers when using UT Box.  But if you are happy using the web interface to UT Box, there is another tool that can help make editing documents easier for Windows and Mac OS X users.

Box Edit is a web browser add-on feature (or plugin) that allows you to directly edit files stored in

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UT Box Drive

Last week we talked about using Box Sync1 with UT Box.  This week we will look at Box Drive. While Box Drive is still in Public Beta, we have seen good results with it.

Box Drive lets you access (stream) all of your UT Box content on your laptop or desktop computer without having to “sync” all of the data down to your computer. Box Drive delivers an experience similar to a traditional network file share, but with quick access to Box’s advanced search, sharing, and collaboration

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