Back up Your Data with UTBackup!

Backing up your computer's data to a secure off site location protects you against a variety of data losses, from broken hard drives, to corrupted data, to accidentally deleted files. But manually backing up files can be a time-consuming and tedious process.   UTBackup provides an automated,  enterprise class, file-level backup solution1 for the University that is confidential data compliant2.  UTBackup is available to all current CNS faculty and staff.  Once installed and configured, it works behind the scenes whenever you are on a wired or wireless network, on or off campus3.

UTBackup supports Windows, Macintosh and Linux machines (with limited open-file backup support on some systems4).  It allows for data restoration from any computer with a network connection and internet browser.  UT Austin faculty and staff may use UTBackup services at no cost for up to 100GB (Faculty) and 20GB (staff) of compressed, de-duplicated backup storage space, per device5.

For help setting up and using UTBackup contact the CNS Help Desk at (UT EID login required).

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1 UTBackup backs up files, not the whole device.  Users generally only back up their data files, not system files.

2 See for more information about confidential data.

3 Warning: If you tether with your cell phone or have a limit on your internet bandwidth for a connection, be sure to stop the UT Backup client before connecting to the device or network so as to avoid charges or bandwidth surprises.

When a file is opened, as for example when Microsoft Word opens a word document, the application oftens locks the document, preventing other applications from accessing it. This locking prevents the file from being unintentionally corrupted through simultaneous or near-simultaneous modifications of its contents. However, such locking can prevent the backup application from accessing open files in order to back them up.

5 Compression and de-duplication of text files can typically result in a 50% to 300% reduction in size.  Thus, the 100GB quota would typically allow backing up between 150GB and 300GB of data.  The quota is per device, allowing you to back up as many machines or devices that you need to.

Written by CNS OIT staff
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