CNS Instrumentation Networks

To do their research, many researchers have instruments like microscopes, oscilloscopes, MRI machines, Mass Spectrometer machines, weather stations, etc.  Since these devices capture data, the researchers who use them need ways to move that data off the devices and onto other machines where the data can be collected and analyzed.  The network is usually the easiest and most convenient way to ship the data.  But putting the data-generating instruments on the network, exposed to the whole world, is dangerous.  

Such devices on public IP addresses are are hard to secure, hard to protect, and open to abuse or denial-of-service attacks.

To allow for the convenience of network data transfers, without exposing these devices to the Internet,  the college's Office of Information Technology has created private, campus-only instrumentation networks.   By moving your instruments and devices that do not need to be exposed to the Internet onto these private, campus-only networks, we hope to be able to help you securely manage these devices while still giving you convenient access to your data.

While not all devices are good candidates for our instrumentation networks, most are.  If you would like to discuss whether or not your devices are a good fit for these networks, contact the CNS OIT Help Desk at or

Written by CNS OIT staff
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