CNS Sites Vanity Names Now Available

As we published last week in CNS Sites: A Self-Service Web Hosting Platform, we've made available a self-service web hosting service called CNS Sites.

One of the problems with migrating an existing site to CNS Sites is changing the URL of your existing site.  To help with this, we've set up a proxy to provide "vanity domains" for existing sites moving to CNS Sites.  This means that if you have an existing site you want to move to CNS Sites, then in most cases you can keep your existing domain name.

Using our proxy comes with a few extra requirements for your site:

  • Your site must support SSL (https://) connections, and must have a valid SSL certificate, which we can generate for you for free if your address ends in
  • Your site must use UT for its DNS services, even if it is a non-UT address (for example, a .org address).

To request this service, please contact the CNS Help Desk at

Written by Eric Rostetter, Senior System Administrator
Questions or comments? The best and easiest way to contact us is via the CNS Help Desk form.

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