How to Configure Toopher on your Smartphone

UPDATE: This blog article is now obsolete.  For information on the current Two Factor Authentication in use at UT, please see this link.

The University is now requiring two-factor authentication for accessing some online applications and pages. By requiring more than just a password, this process is more reliable and your identity is more assured than single-factor identification.The installation and setup of Toopher on your smartphone is very simple. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Using the apps store that is native to your smartphone, install the Toopher app, accepting the requirements.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Select pairing the device with a Toopher-enabled service. (At this point, I found it easier to have the page located at already open on my computer.)
  4. On your smart phone Toopher will issue a short passphrase (usually just two words).
  5. On the web page, enter the phrase.
  6. On your smartphone, select "allow" when prompted to do so. The pairing will be identified as UT Direct and associated with your EID.

That's it! Your device is paired with the University's Toopher service. The next time that you need two-factor authentication, the Toopher app on your phone will prompt you to allow the login to happen. It's that simple.

Should you lose or replace your phone without first having unpaired it from Toopher, you will need to visit the Help Desk in Flawn Academic Center with a government-issued ID, such as a driver's license. (Your UT ID is insufficient.) There, help-desk personnel can manually unpair the old device and allow you to pair with new new device.


About two-factor authentication, including a link to sign up, can be found at

A variety of help-desk topics relating to two-factor authentication, Toopher, and other methods of authenticating if you don't have a smart phone can be found at

A video showing how to pair your device can be found at

Written by Mike McIntosh, System Administrator I
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