How to Generate and Use Passcodes Instead of Toopher Pairing

The University is now requiring two-factor authentication for accessing some online applications and pages. By requiring more than just a password, this process is more reliable and your identity is more assured than single-factor identification. Previously, we published instructions on how to pair the Toopher smartphone app with your UT two-factor authentication. This week, we discuss how to use two-factor without using a phone.This is useful to know if you don't have a smart phone, or you're traveling where you won't have service for your phone.

Here are the step by step instructions if you have never configured two-factor authentication:

First, you'll need to log into the system at

When you go to configure your two-factor account, click on the "USE AN ALTERNATIVE" button. On the following screen, select the "BY PRINTABLE PASSCODES" button. Then, either print or copy and paste the eight-digit codes someplace safe. Each code is eight digits long and looks like this "94576512". Each can be used only once, so keep track of which ones you have used, or delete them from your list. You will need to click on "CONTINUE" to go on to the screen where you will click on "CONFIRM PASSCODES", which will require that you enter one of the passcodes that you just generated. Confirmation activates your new passcodes.

Here are the step by step instructions if you have already configured two-factor authentication:

If you just need passcodes because you won't have access to Toopher on your device for whatever reason, go to After having logged in using your EID, allow access via Toopher. On the resulting screen, click on the "CONFIGURE BACKUP CODES" button. Select the "GENERATE NEW CODES" button; and as described above, either print or copy and paste the passcodes. Follow the confirmation process to activate the new passcodes.

Here are the step by step instructions to use these passcodes:

The passcodes are called One-Time Passwords (OTP). On a page that requires Toopher authentication, click button that says "ENTER OTP". In the textbox, enter one of your unused passcodes, then click "SUBMIT OTP". Once the Toopher server verifies the passcode as being one of yours, authentication completes successfully; and you are allowed access to the page or online application.


How to Configure Toopher on Your Smartphone

Written by Mike McIntosh, System Administrator I
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