Our Last Blog Post

This post will be our last blog post.  Since starting this blog in 2015, we've published each week of the school year on various IT topics.  We'd like to thank the readers, as well as those who helped to create the blog content, for sticking with the blog these last 3 years.  It has been a pleasure serving you with this blog over the years, and we hope you have enjoyed reading it.

Instead of this blog, we will be shifting our attention to our public wiki pages at https://wikis.utexas.edu/display/cnsoitpublic/ to provide you with help and advice about all things IT-related.

If you want to search out further IT and security information, we suggest the following web pages:

  1. Our Public Wiki: https://wikis.utexas.edu/display/cnsoitpublic/
  2. Service Now: https://ut.service-now.com/
  3. The UT Information Security Office: https://security.utexas.edu/
  4. The CNS Help Desk: https://cns.utexas.edu/help/

Again, we thank you for your readership and support over the years, and we wish you the best in your IT endeavors. 


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