Print Selections of Office Documents

Today we present a quick tip that I've found useful.  Not only does it save paper and ink, it can also make your life easier when, for example, you're printing large spreadsheets.

This tip applies to both the Microsoft Office Suite and to the OpenOffice/LibreOffice Suite.  It even works in other Windows programs like Internet Explorer and Outlook.

Often, you want to print only a portion of a document (say, only this 6 first cells of a spreadsheet, or a single paragraph of a document).  You can easily do so by using your mouse to highlight the area of the document or page you want to print, clicking the Print icon (or using the Print option in the File menu), and then in the printer dialog box, under the Page Range field, choose the option "Selection".  This will print only the portion you have highlighted.

I use this mostly when printing the first few columns of a large spreadsheet, and it works well.

Written by Eric Rostetter, Senior System Administrator
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