Printer & Instrumentation VLANs Available

Do you have a network printer that doesn't need access to the (off campus) Internet,  some networked instrumentation,  a desktop being used as an instrument controller, or a desktop whose operating system is no longer supported or cannot be upgraded?

The College of Natural Sciences Office of Information Technology and ITS Networking have created private, campus-only networks for printers and network instruments that do not need internet access or that are vulnerable to exploitation over the Internet.

Devices on these private networks can still be reached from on-campus and over UT-VPN, yet are isolated from the Internet.  Using these private networks for devices that don't need to access the internet greatly improves their security without hampering their usability.

We have provided these private networks to our users as one option for them to protect their IT assets from attack or proactive quarantine by the Information Security Office.

For more information or to move a device to a private network, contact the CNS Help Desk at (UT EID login required).

Written by CNS OIT staff
Questions or comments? The best and easiest way to contact us is via the CNS Help Desk form.

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