Updates to Central ITS Services

Over the last several months, the university-level Information Technology Services (ITS) group and the Information Security Office (ISO)  have made some important upgrades to several of their service offerings.  We wanted to review some of these changes here to make sure you know about these changes.

  • Wireless network bandwidth increases:  The wireless bandwidth quotas for faculty and staff have been raised to 2 Terabytes per week (previously 500 GB/week) for faculty, and 500 Gigabytes per week (previously 50 GB/week) for staff.

  • UT Box storage increases: The UT Box file storage quotas have been raised to two Terabytes of storage for faculty and staff and 150 Gigabytes for students. Research groups and teams can obtain group accounts with unlimited storage quotas.

  • UT-VM Classic Backup changes: The older UT-VM Classic system has moved from PHD backups to Veeam backups.  Whereas earlier only the Tier-1 System disk area was backed up, under Veeam all disk areas (both Tier 1 and Tier2) can be backed up.  In some cases, you may need to make a slight change to get full backups implemented with Veeam.   Note: there is a charge of $0.09 per GB for data backup of your UT-VM and UT-VMG hosts.  Contact the CNS Help Desk at https://cns.utexas.edu/help/ if you have questions or need help with making sure your UT-VM Classic hosts are fully backed up.

  • UT-Backup storage increases:  UT-Backup was recently renewed for another 5 years as the UT preferred backup system for most laptops and desktops.  The storage quotas for UT-Backup were increased to 100GB (faculty) and 20GB (staff) of compressed, de-duplicated backup storage per device per year.

  • UT Ready updates: The UT Ready Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Tool has been updated to a new version.  Besides a new look and feel, Step 4 has been changed from Faculty Preparedness to Instruction.  Be sure to update any existing DRP Plans!

  • ISO website updates: The ISO has revamped its website at https://security.utexas.edu.  Besides the new look and feel, it is also moving most of its content previously in the UT Wiki to its website so you can find all the information you need in a single location.

  • Cellular Service Updates: ITS Networking has recently started testing new “Wi-Fi Calling” features, which enable certain mobile phones to use the University’s Wi-Fi system to make phone calls in areas with poor cellular coverage. The new feature seamlessly roams back and forth between the cellular networks and the University’s Wi-Fi network. A list of Wi-Fi Calling carrier options is available on the Cellular Service on the ITS website .

If you have any questions about the above items, please contact the CNS Help Desk at https://cns.utexas.edu/help/ or via e-mail at help@cns.utexas.edu.

Written by Eric Rostetter, Senior System Administrator
Questions or comments? The best and easiest way to contact us is via the CNS Help Desk form.