UTLearn Provides Learning Opportunities for Employees

This is an email that went out from the university CIO on January 20, 2017.

UT Learn, powered by Cornerstone, launched at UT Austin in April 2016 and is the first university-wide employee training management system offered on our campus. With UTLearn, employees can experience self-guided, continuous learning, manage their own training, accelerate personal performance, and better support the mission and goals of the University. Employees also have greater autonomy in managing their own training and can use dynamic searching within UTLearn. 

UTLearn is part of the Administrative Systems Modernization Program and replaces two large mainframe systems and several shadow systems. It also greatly reduces the amount of manual work required to track employee training. UTLearn has given departments more control and options for managing and delivering their training to employees. When fully integrated with Workday, training completions will be automatically reflected in employee records.

As of November 2016, there were more than 29,000 active users, 920 active training courses, 39,000 online class completions, and 8,745 employees attended in-person training sessions. The UTLearn website, which also launched with the service in April 2016, provides log-in access to UTLearn, ongoing updates, training information, Frequently Asked Questions, and user guides.

During 2017, UTLearn is positioned to support Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) as they transition their remaining training off of TXClass and the Compliance Training System. Estimated completion of this effort is the end of 2017. The UTLearn team continues to implement new functionality as well as provide system support, maintenance, and manage new features and processes.

Kudos and gratitude to Frances Delacruz and Kati Elliott, the UTLearn team, for their successful go-live and ongoing support.

UTLearn is intuitive and very easy to use. If you haven’t logged in to UTLearn, I encourage you to do so. Opportunities for skills enhancement and self-improvement, as well as topic specific courses ranging from Accounting and Finance to Leadership and Management to Technical Skills are available. Take advantage of what UTLearn has to offer and enrich your life in this New Year.


Brad Englert
Chief Information Officer
Chief Operating Officer, Information Technology Services
The University of Texas at Austin


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