Welcome Back, Happy New Year!

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you had a relaxing break and that you're refreshed and ready for an outstanding spring semester.

As you return, please make sure that you do your operating system and software updates if you are responsible for your own systems -- no need to end a nice relaxing break cleaning up your machine after a break-in or compromise.  (It is also a good time to make sure you've updated all your personal machines and mobile devices.)

We'd also like to take the opportunity to remind you to have strong passwords or passphrases for all your online accounts and to change them at least yearly. If you can't remember the last time you changed your passwords, maybe now is a good time for a New Year's Resolution to change them!

This is our first blog of the new year.  We will be publishing weekly again this year, and we hope you enjoy our blog and find the articles useful.

Again, welcome back and best wishes for a successful semester!

Written by CNS OIT staff
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