Why are there Two Methods of Two-Factor Authentication at UT?

Since July of 2014, UT Austin has been using a two-factor authentication (2FA) process to protect select online information.  The 2FA tool we've been using most of this time is called "Toopher".  Unfortunately, Toopher no longer fully complies with the UT System 2FA mandate.  Therefore, we are switching to a new 2FA tool called Duo.  Once Duo is fully implemented, Toopher will be retired.  The schedule for switching from Toopher to Duo is:

Phase 1: Beginning March 14, 2016, access to the campus VPN (virtual private network) will require 2FA via Duo. Learn more on the VPN with 2FA webpage.

Phase 2: In May 2016, access to the My Paycheck Profile, W-2 download, non-payroll bank routing information, and Emergency Loan applications will transition from Toopher to Duo.

Phase 3: In July 2016, Toopher will be retired from use on campus.

Please do not delete your Toopher pairing or the Toopher Smartphone application until Toopher is formally retired in July. You will still need Toopher to access services while the transition to Duo is in progress.

Written by Eric Rostetter, Senior System Administrator
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