Windows Internet Explorer 11 or Later Now Required

Microsoft has ended support for older versions of its popular web browser Internet Explorer (IE) as of Tuesday, January 12, 2016. After that date, Microsoft will no longer be releasing security updates, patches, or bug fixes for all versions of Internet Explorer except Internet Explorer 11 and later. After January 12, if you are still running an unsupported version of IE on the campus network, you are putting the University at risk.

In an effort to keep the campus computing environment safe and secure for everyone, all Windows computers should be upgraded to IE 11 as soon as possible. If your computer is a UT-owned Windows machine centrally managed by CNS OIT, IE 11 has already replaced earlier versions of IE on your machine. If your computer updates are managed by you or your department’s technology staff, you or your department technician should remove all previous versions of IE and install IE 11 or greater ASAP. If you need help upgrading your machine to IE 11, contact CNS OIT for help.

If you have an important business need that requires an older version of IE (i.e. research equipment, critical applications, etc.), please contact CNS OIT with so we can assist you in finding a secure solution.

If you encounter unexpected problems with an IE 11 upgrade or applications that use it, contact CNS OIT so we can help resolve any issues.

For more information, see the Microsoft IEBlog article at:

For help or if you have any questions, contact CNS OIT at

Written by CNS OIT staff
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