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Frank Yeh joins the lab!

May 24, 2018
We are very excited to welcome graduate student, Frank Yeh, to the Aldrich Lab. Frank will be conducting his thesis research in the Aldrich lab as part of his progress through the Neuroscience PhD program in UT's Institute for Neuroscience (INS). He has taken a liking to electrophysiology and ion channels, so we think he'll fit right in! Read more about Frank Yeh joins the lab!

New Lab Website Launched

April 24, 2018
After 6 long years - the new & updated lab website is here! We are very excited.

Undergraduate Honors Symposium

April 20, 2018

Aldrich Lab undergraduates Jonathan Abrams and Uma Vaidyanathan presented at the College of Natural Sciences Honors Symposium. Jonathan presented his work purifying calmodulin for SK peptide light-scattering studies with Brent, and Uma presented her work creating calmodulin containing covariant mutation patterns in the EF-hand binding sites, as part of a project with Suzanna. Good job Jonathan and Uma!


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