Obervables from Multi-field Inflation in Dyson Brownian Motion Potentials, at RLM , Wednesday, November 30, 2016:

This was my PhD qualifying exam presentation. Abstract:

Cosmic inflation with O(100) scalar degrees of freedom is a natural prediction of UV-complete fundamental theories. By using a method developed by McAllister et al. based on non-equilibrium random matrix theory, we sample an ensemble of random inflationary potentials with the goal of studying observables and large-N_f attractor behavior. Preliminary results and avenues for improvement of the method will be discussed.

Simulating Life Sunday, June 28, 2015:

I gave this talk as part of a Molotov Seminar, about a year ago.

Have you ever seen biological evolution in real time? Intelligently designed the perfect predator only to have it become prey to a new parasite?

In this talk we shall look at the modern view of evolution, go into population dynamics and the game theory of cooperation, and then see how these result in the observed behavior both in nature and in simulated worlds.

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