Greg Clark, B.A., Ph.D.

Greg ClarkResearch Snapshot

Dr. Clark is investigating the function(s) of the annexin gene family in Arabidopsis using molecular, biochemical, and cell biological techniques.

History with the Roux lab

Dr. Clark exemplifies how much people who work in the Roux lab enjoy their time here.  A born and bred Texan, Greg came to UT in 1980 and joined our lab in 1983.  Since then, he has managed to continue working with the Roux lab.  After finishing his undergraduate degree he went on to complete his Ph.D. under Dr. Roux in 1991.  Greg is currently the lab manager, a researcher, a lecturer, and a mentor to the Roux lab as a whole.

Instructional Experience

Lecturer for:

Bio 212: Genetics and Evolution
Bio 328D: Discovery Laboratory in Plant Biology
Bio 305F: An Introduction to the Sensory Physiology of Plants