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What We Do

In the Williamson Lab, we conduct basic research on couples to understand the experiences they go through as their relationships develop and the factors that make it easier or harder to maintain a strong relationship. We also conduct applied research to determine the best ways to intervene to promote healthy relationships.

Our research is guided by the following general questions:

What factors influence the way relationships change over time?

What are the unique challenges of couples living in conditions of socioeconomic adversity?

How do different family formation strategies (e.g., having children before or after marriage) affect couples?

What are the most promising policies and interventions to support couples and families?

Intimate Relationships Area of HDFS

Our lab is part of the Intimate Relationships area of the HDFS department which also includes Dr. Lisa Neff and Dr. Marci Gleason. Faculty and graduate students in the area often work together on research projects related to our shared interests in relationship functioning.