Tropical to temperate forest dynamics and their potential influences on plant performance strategies, a theory-data fusion approach

June 1, 2023

NSF CAREER award. We are happy to announce a new five-year grant for research, education, and outreach. In this project, we will study the differences and similarities in forest dynamics across biomes. We will use our findings to determine the effects of the differences in forest dynamics on dominant plant strategies and their diversity across biomes. The research will include a back-and-forth between theoretical and empirical work. This work is in collaboration with several researchers in the ForestGeo network, where large forest dynamics plots are studied across the world.

The educational and outreach goals of the project are to improve the inclusivity of theoretical ecology and the integration of theoretical and empirical research. Specifically, we will offer workshops and research experiences in theoretical ecology and forest dynamics modeling catering to all, regardless of mathematical background.

Details of the project, including a postdoc position and two graduate student positions are available here.