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First DRP Physics Kick-off held

Mentors and students gathered for the kick-off of the first DRP Physics campaign on Friday, Feb 7.

Steered by the student organizers of DRP- Avik, Kalina, Mark, and Rodrigo, the kick-off event introduced the basic guidelines for the mentors and the students. The students got to know their mentors and together they spent a wonderful evening discussing physics over delicious Fricano's sandwiches.

A total of 16 mentors and 18 students are participating in the spring rendition of DRP Physics. The students will present their works in a departmental symposium at the end of the semester.


DRP mentees present their work at virtual seminar

The first physics DRP seminar was arranged on May 8. Although the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the mentors and mentees from physically getting together, the virtual seminar was attended with no less enthusiasm.

13 mentees presented exciting talks on topics ranging from acoustic black holes to alternate interpretations of quantum mechanics. The zoom sessions were coordinated by the DRP organizers- Kalina, Rodrigo, Mark, and Avik. Faculty coordinator of the program, Professor Sonia Paban joined and shared her insights with the mentors and mentees.

DRP mentors and mentees attend virtual seminar
DRP mentors and mentees attend virtual seminar