The Group


Owen Chase (1st year PhD student)

Yonny Sklansky (1st year PhD student)

Chris Shallue (5th year PhD student at Harvard)

Emilie Thelie (Postdoc)

Mahdi Qezlou (Postdoc)


Wenzer Qin (5th year PhD student at MIT -> Simons Junior Fellow NYU)
Dashon Jones (undergraduate at UMass Lowell -> PhD at Rice).
Nash Sabti (PhD 2023 at KCL->Postdoc JHU).
Nick Deporzio (PhD 2023 at Harvard -> Postdoc BU).
W. Linda Xu (PhD 2022 at Harvard->Postdoc Berkeley).

We also interact with other UT Austin groups, including those led by Mike Boylan-Kolchin, Karl Gebhardt, and Kim Boddy (Physics). If you're interested in opportunities for joining the group, either as a PhD student or postdoc please reach out!