"Studies of Ca2+-ATPase Involvement in the Gravity-Directed Calcium Current and Polar Axis Alignment of Germinating Ceratopteris richardiispores"

Supplimental data:

Full annotated alignment - suggest linking to an Excel page
Primer sequences 

By: Thomas J. Bushart

"Expression Profile Analysis of Early Development and Gravity Response in Germinating Ceratopteris richardii Spores"

Supplemental Table

 By: Mari L. Salmi

"Profile and analysis of gene expression changes during early development in germinating spores of Ceratopteris richardii"

Microarray Data - link is no longer available

By: Mari L. Salmi, Thomas J. Bushart, Stephen C. Stout, Stanley J. Roux

Annotation of the Ceratopteris ESTs

In Fall 2004

By: Dr. Stephen C. Stout