Helpful Links:

  • ATX Watersheds: Map based access to City of Austin data
  • City of Austin Water Quality data: 30 years of water quality data from the City of Austin
  • Hydromet: LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) provides near-real-time data on streamflow, river stage, rainfall totals, temperature and humidity in the lower Colorado River basin.
  • Distances from the mouth: This spreadsheet has distances from the mouth of Waller Creek to notable locations in meters.
  • Waller Creek iNaturalist project: Use the smartphone app iNaturalist to upload photographs of the species you see at Waller Creek to be part of this biodiversity project
  • Waller Creek Working Group: A smorgasbord of information about Waller Creek, including a library database of research information, links to all the realtime data on Waller Creek, an image archive put together by the Working Group and some Citizen Science pages, including the iNaturalist site.
  • Aqua Bugs An app for identifying aquatic freshwater macroinvertebrates.