National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) are management reports which provide information on project status, and are submitted to NNSA 90 days after end of each budget period.

Year 3 - RPPR 2021 

Year 2 - RPPR 2020

Year 1 - RPPR 2019 


Center Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC)

The CSAC is an external advisory and review board for the Center that continually strengthens the Center and its contributions to meeting the goals of the SSAA Program. The CSAC meets at the Center annually to review progress and scientific plans, and to advise on management of the Center and on planning for future collaboration.  The CSAC then produces an annual report of Findings and Recommendations from the review and submits to the Center director and SSAP.

Year 4 - CSAC Report, 2022

Year 3 - CSAC Report, 2021

Year 2 - CSAC Report, 2020

Year 1 - CSAC Report, 2019