Selected Works in Progress

Below is a representation of ongoing statistical methods work that has not yet been published.

  • Zigler CM and Papadogeorgou G.  Bipartite Causal Inference with Interference. Submitted. arXiv.
  • Papadogeorgou G, Mealli F, and Zigler CM. Causal Inference for Interfering Units with Cluster and Population Level Treatment Allocation Programs. Under Revision. arXiv.  osf.
  • Zigler CM and Cefalu M. Posterior Predictive Treatment Assignment for Estimating Causal Effects with Limited Overlap. Under Revision. arXiv. osf. 
  • Liao S and Zigler CM.  Uncertainty in the Design Stage of Two-Stage Bayesian Propensity Score Analysis.  Submitted. arXiv.