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Plants are currently providing a huge service to humans by sequestering ¼ of the molecules emitted through anthropogenic activities and slowing the pace of climate change. But, our ability to predict this service in the future and to accurately manage ecosystems is limited by our understanding of plant ecology. In particular, we struggle to connect the scales of individual plants to landscape dynamics and global patterns.

Because experiments are impossible across these scales, in the Farrior lab, we use models to connect them and generate predictions testable with data we can collect. Through this integration of mechanistic models and data, we generate new insights into the fundamental governing principles of plant communities – principles we hope will hold in the future under the novel environmental conditions that come with climate change.

We value the contributions that the diversity of human experiences bring to our scientific community. We work to understand one another's challenges, support one another, and value the well-being of all of our members.

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