Photo of Fennessey Ranch GateFennessey Ranch is located just outside of Refugio, Texas. It is a rich network of meadows, brush, prairie, freshwater wetlands, natural lakes, and riparian woodlands. This 3,261-acre wildlife oasis is host to numerous types of birds, plants, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and mammals. The Ranch is designed to be an environmentally friendly business that profits from traditional livestock ranching, as well as oil and gas drilling, wildlife tours, hunting leases, and photography trips, with partnership and support from The University of Texas at Austin. 

Fast Facts

  • Fennessey Ranch was established in 1834. 
  • More than 420 species of birds have been recorded on the Ranch.
  • The Ranch is home to 16 plant communities, 50 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 70 species of moths and butterflies.
  • Fennessey Ranch is a stop on the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail.
  • The Ranch has nine linear miles of river frontage on the Mission River.