Space Application Policies

  1. Each P.I. may lease 1 greenhouse room/1 walk in growth chamber/1 reach in growth chamber for up to a one year maximum period at a time. Any additional space requested by a P.I. beyond the 1/1/1 policy is limited to a three-month maximum lease.
  2. Each P.I. is required to submit a new space request or a space request extension at the end of the assigned lease period for each space leased. Space requests need to be submitted to GSAC by the deadline to submit space request for the quarter (located in quarterly timeframe box under space allocation and timeframe process tab) to be eligible for space during the quarterly period.
  3. P.I.’s can cancel the lease of space at any point during the timeframe if the space is not required for the entire timeframe requested. Notify the GH manager the space is no longer needed by email, remove all items from the space, and clean the space being vacated. The GH manager will stop charging the P.I.’s account once the space is clean and vacated.
  4. Space requests submitted to GSAC will receive a response from GSAC regarding their space requests before the quarterly start date. (located in quarterly timeframe box under space allocation process and timeframe tab)
  5. If there is a space or policy conflict, GSAC will decide the outcome and inform the P.I.’s of the decision before the quarterly start date.
  6. P.I.’s will be charged for space assigned to their labs even if the space is not being used by the P.I.’s lab until the GH manager receives notification in writing the space is no longer needed, and the space is cleaned and vacated.
  7. P.I.’s will be notified in advance if the space request submitted is not approved and need to clean and vacate the space by the end date of the quarterly cycle.
  8. Researchers who want to conduct research in the greenhouse will need to schedule an orientation session with the greenhouse manager before access to the greenhouse is authorized.
  9. P.I.'s/researchers are responsible for keeping space leased in the NHB greenhouse facility sanitary and clean.