Panicum virgatum

Northern Upland (DAC & VS16) & Southern Lowland (AP13 & WBC) Ecotypes of Switchgrass

Switchgrass Parents 2


Northern Upland by Southern Lowland 4-way outbred cross

4-way outbred cross

Genetic linkage map of Panicum virgatum from a Northern Upland by Southern Lowland 4-way outbred cross. 

2,067 double digest RADseq markers assembled using v1.0 of the P. virgatum genome.

double digest RADseq markers

Field planting of the Upland/Lowland mapping population at Brackenridge Field Labs in Austin

 Field planting


Panicum hallii

Panicum hallii upland (HAL) and lowland (FIL) ecotypes



Panicum hallii field collections and resequencing efforts

genome resequencing

Field planting of Panicum hallii accessions at Pickle Research Campus in Austin

Field Planting of Panicum Hallii


Texas Switchgrass Collaborative Wiki includes protocols

Panicum hallii short read acrchive at NCBI

Switchgrass Genomics