Fall Undergrad Research Symposium (FURS)

Undergraduate researchers from UT and across Texas present their research projects in the biological and chemical sciences.  There are categories for less experienced and more experienced speakers. 

This year there is a new category, "Three-Minute" talks!  Can you explain your research to the average person? Prepare a 3 minute elevator talk on your research aimed at informing a lay person on the following questions: 1) What do you do in your research? 2) How do you do your research? 3) What question(s) will your research answer? 4) Why should anyone care about your research?  You may present in the both longer sessions and the 3 minute category.

UT Honors students, presenting at FURS counts towards your presentation requirement (except 3 minute talks do not count).

Sponsored by the student affiliates of ASBMB, ASM and ACS.

Saturday, September ?, 2019

Patton Hall (now RLP, formerly known as CLA) 0.112, 0.126, 0.128, 0.130


There will be information sessions about MD/PhD and graduate programs (PhD, masters) at 10 AM and during the lunch and coffee break.  Expected programs to be represented: 

  • Master in Genetic Counseling Program-- UT Houston
  • Master in Clinical Translation Management –St. Thomas Univ, Houston
  • UT Houston MD/PhD and graduate programs
  • UT Austin Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • The University of Texas at San Antonio - Department of Biology/Neuroscience—MS in Biotechnology and PhD programs
  • UTSW—MD/PhD and graduate programs
  • Rice University—PhD Biochemistry, Cell Biology
  • University of Houston, MBA programs
  • UT ICMB graduate programs
  • UTMB—MD/PhD and graduate programs

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Congratulations to our 2018 Session Award Winners:



Phuoc Jaydin Ngo, Science Slam 1; Cynthia Terrace, Science Slam 2      

Cynthia Terrace, Biochemistry 1; Ezzeddine Elmir, Biochemistry 2; Erin Choi, Biochemistry 3     

Vivian Tat, Cell & Molecular Biology 1; Andrew Bazley, Cell & Molecular Biology 2; Clark Hamor, Cell & Molecular Biology 3

Laren Spear, Chemistry 1; Aidan Jacobsen, Chemistry 2; Danying Huang, Chemistry 3

Jenna McGuffey, Synthetic Biology; Rachel David, Biology 1; Hannah Gilbreath, Biology 2


Congratulations to our 2017 Session Award Winners:

2017 Best Speakers

Justin Mirazee- Cell and Molecular Biology
Wesley Godfrey- Cell and Molecular Biology
Kyra Clarke- Neurobiology and Physiology
Laura Luo- Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Kavya Rajesh- Chemistry
Joseph Fryer- Chemistry
Madison Granier- Environmental Science and Astronomy
Alexandra Miller- Biochemistry
Jason Tsai- Neurobiology and Public Health
Catherine Dunaway- Computational and Synthetic Biology
Andrew Ly- Computational and Synthetic Biology
Sofia Shubert & Suyash Srivastava- ASBMB People's Choice

Congratulations to our 2016 Session Award Winners:

Computational and Synthetic Biology: Jenna McGuffey
Biochemistry and Cell Biology: Priscilla Liem
Chemistry and Astronomy: Meghana Killi
Biology Potpourri: Evelyn Abbott
Chemistry: Logan Pearce
Environmental and Cognitive Studies: Tina Bui
Clinical Pathology and Diagnostics: Heather Tolcher
Cell and Molecular Biology: Victor Lam
Biochemistry: Luis Valencia
Microbiology: Luke Pickerill
Popular Choice provided by ASBMB: Tammy Wong

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2015 Award Winners:

Tyler Camp, Chandler Prevatt, Avery Wolfe, Lisa Strong, Dylan Fall, Jennifer Deger, Ella Watkins
ASBMB Overall Best Presenter 2015 Award: Caroline Starling