Fall Undergrad Research Symposium (FURS)

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FURS 2022:  Saturday, September 24

Undergraduate researchers from UT and across Texas will speak on their research projects in the biological and chemical sciences and may participate in the Science Slam! 

The Science Slam is for explaining your research to the general public.   Prepare a 3 minute "elevator" talk on your research aimed at informing anyone on the following questions: 1) What do you do in your research? 2) How do you do your research? 3) What question(s) will your research answer? 4) Why should anyone care about your research?  You may present in the both the speaker sessions and Science Slam.

UT Honors students, presenting at FURS counts towards your presentation requirement (Science Slam talks do not count).

Keynote Speaker: 

Sponsored by the student affiliates of ASBMB, ASM and ACS.

Questions? mbsa.furs@gmail.com

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