Postdoctoral Positions

The NSF-DMS RTG 1937215 supports 4 postdoctoral fellowships dedicated to US citizens.  Each fellowship lasts 3 years and includes a travel expenses grant. RTG postdoctoral associates will be involved in a series of initiatives aimed at complementing their research training with strong elements of professional development, aimed at developing their teaching, mentoring, networking and grant-writing skills.

RTG-Postdoctoral fellowships will be advertised alongside regular departmental postdocs through the mathjobs website.


Graduate Traineeships

The NSF-DMS RTG 1937215 provides graduate fellowships. US citizens participating in the UT Austin graduate program in Mathematics who are working in the area of Groups & Dynamics are eligible for such fellowships. The format of these fellowships is kept flexible to accommodate different situations, but typically includes teaching relief for one or two long semesters, summer support, and a travel grant. Eligible students are considered based on a nomination from their advisor.

During any period of time covered by a Graduate Fellowship, the supported student is supposed to focus on research and to substantially engage in a series of initiatives aimed at improving the student’s teaching, mentoring, and communicative skills. Such initiatives including for example the participation in the DRP program as a mentor and the TIDES Teaching workshops.