What is an Actuary?

Actuarial students often face this question from their friends, family, and even on job interviews. Here are some helpful links that explain exactly what an actuary does.

  • BeAnActuary.org 
    • This is a great website for learning about the actuarial profession and how to become an actuary.
  • Actuarial Outpost 
    • Famous for it's discussion forums, this site has more than you'll ever want to know about actuaries

Actuarial Links

  • CPCU 
    • For those interested in insurance, there is information here about a financial training program that can advance your career.
  • American Academy of Actuaries 
    • Provides current news, articles, and publications, as well as related discussions and links pertaining to the different sectors of the field.
  • Contingencies 
    • The "magazine of the actuarial profession," provides on-line articles from the three most recent issues. Visit the site to find industry news, job-openings, and even puzzles.
  • The Actuary 
    • A link to the official publication of the actuarial profession in the United Kingdom.
  • Actuary.com 
    • A great source for learning more about the actuarial profession, practicing your math skills on challenging daily problems, or even looking for employment openings in the market. A must-see if you're an aspiring actuary.
  • JobGuide 
    • Reviews the details about the job of an actuary.

Other Resources for an Actuary