FoTX Sandbox

Everything here is work in progress or ancillary in some way to the primary purpose of our primary Fishes of Texas database website - to serve rigorously vetted, highly normalized fish occurrence data and finished products derived from that data. We find that exposing our experimental work, and projects still in development, to our community of collaborators and users helps us engage new collaborators, share new ideas, and communicate with our users about what they would find most useful. So, please use the data here with that in mind. Communication is a two-way street. Please don't hold back with comments and suggestions.

We're all about data sharing! Here you'll find (or soon will find) links to:

Experimental products:  ID keys, data recording forms for your own fish occurrences for us to add to this data set, AFS abstracts, TPWD reports...

Complementary datasets from: agency databases, citizen scientists, anglers, published literature, and our own data compilation projects... We're working to make all of these queryable via a common interface.

Do you have data you'd like us to provide here??

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