We have been able to initiate at least some on-the-ground conservation efforts for what we perceived to be the most threatened species, (see papers 3 and 7 of this project's publications list), but much work remains to be done.

Hendrickson's November 2019 presentation at the Desert Fishes Council meeting provided an update on what is known of these fishes and their conservation status, and has nice illustrations of some of them. Hopefully, our formal conservation assessments (published on December 12, 2019 in the IUCN Red List) for each of the species that we are working to describe,  will help spark additional conservation efforts and generate much-needed funding. Three species were determined to be Critically Endangered, 5 Endangered, 3 Near Threatened, and 1 Data Deficient. This link will retrieve the assessments for all 11 new species currently being described, and the one for the only previously formally described species - the Mexican Golden Trout, is available here