INIA-Neuroimmune is a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative consortium that combines novel genomic and systems-level analyses (such as live brain imaging and human laboratory studies) to identify potential drug treatments for alcohol use disorders. The closely integrated approach using multiple species (including humans) and multiple levels of evaluation, from computational to behavioral, will provide key information about the genomic and biological pathways in alcohol use disorders and identify novel treatment strategies.


Administrative Core
- R. Adron Harris, UT Austin
- Marisa Roberto, Scripps
- Gregg Homanics, U Pitt

PI and Consortium Director
- Adron Harris, Ph.D.

Consortium Manager
- Jayna Dixon

Scientific Directors
- Marisa Roberto, Scripps
- Gregg Homanics, U Pitt

Executive Committee
R. Adron Harris, UT Austin
Gregg Homanics, U Pitt
Marisa Roberto, Scripps
Antonio Noronha, NIAAA
Hemin Chin, NIAAA

Scientific Advisory Board
- John Krystal (Chair), Yale
- Laura Nagy, CCF
- Michael Bardo, U KY
- John Crabbe, OHSU
- Silke Paust, Scripps

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
- Antonio Noronha, Ph.D.
- Hemin Chin, Ph.D.



Mapping the Transcriptome of Excessive Alcohol Consumption
- Robert Hitzemann, OHSU
- Dan Iancu, OHSU

Alcohol Consumption Changes Gene Expression and Structure: Next Generation Sequencing
- Dayne Mayfield, UT Austin
- Igor Ponomarev, UT Austin

Role of Non-Coding RNA in Alcohol Action
- Gregg Homanics, U Pitt
- Sean Farris, U Pitt

ALK and Midkine as Novel Neuroimmune Regulators of Alcohol Consumption
- Amy Lasek, UIC

Biochemical and Genetic Determinants of Alcohol Consumption
- Yuri Blednov, UT Austin
- Robert Messing, UT Austin

Electrophysiology of Alcohol in Extended Amygdala
- Marisa Roberto, Scripps
- Michal Bajo, Scripps
- Amanda Roberts, Scripps

Pharmacology and Neurobiology of Binge Drinking: HDID Mice
- John Crabbe, OHSU
- Angela Ozburn, OHSU

From Alcohol Genes to Brain Connectivity Networks: Translational Neuroimaging
- Brigitte Kieffer, McGill Univ

Neuroimaging of Alcohol-Induced Neuroadaptation: Translation from Animals to Humans
- Dolf Pfefferbaum, SRI
- Edith Sullivan, Stanford
- Natalie Zahr, Stanford

Proof-of-Concept Human Laboratory Testing of Novel Drug Candidates Identified by INIA-Neuroimmune
- Barbara Mason, Scripps


Target Validation Electrophysiology Core
-Regina Mangieri, UT Austin

Rat Animal Models and Drug and Gene Testing Core
- Richard Bell, IU Sch Med
- Sheketha Hauser, IU Sch Med