Mutant animals in alcohol research

Mike Arends has continued to update our INIA bibliography listing all publications that use mutant animals to study alcohol actions. Here is the latest (March 2021) version.

Click on the files for updated tables of 'targets' (e.g., neuroimmune) that capture all publications using mutant animals in alcohol research.


adenosine-related_genes.docx16 KB
dopamine-related_genes.docx19 KB
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gaba-related_genes.docx17 KB
glutamate-related_genes.docx19 KB
hormones-related_genes.docx23 KB
immune-related_genes.docx19 KB
ion_channels-related_genes.docx22 KB
kinases-related_genes.docx18 KB
neuropeptides-related_genes.docx18 KB
opioids_cannabinoids-related_genes.docx23 KB
serotonin-related_genes.docx15 KB
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