There are several opportunities for INS students interested in participating in outreach activities to get involved.


- The Neuroscience Graduate Student Association (NGSA) is a student-run organization that supports scholarly activities and provides leadership, outreach, and social activities. Contact the current NGSA Outreach Coordinator for information on current outreach activities.


- Neuroscience Undergraduate Reading Program (NURP) is a mentorship program that allows graduate students to mentor undergraduate students who want to develop their interests on a specific neuroscience topic. Each undergraduate is paired with a neuroscience graduate student with common interests to review and discuss journal articles together. Graduate students are contacted at the beginning of each semester about participating in NURP. Contact the current NGSA VP for more information.


- Volunteer for Jon Pierce's informal courses for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Dr. Pierce offers reverse inclusion courses through UT Informal Classes to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs). UT students can volunteer to learn alongside adults with Down syndrome, autism, and other IDDs.


Explore UT, held annually, is the biggest open house in Texas. More the 50,000 attendees can choose from more than 400 free workshops and experiments that showcase the best scholarship and research at UT.


- UT Brainstorms.  Now retired, UT Brainstorms was a monthy seminar series hoisted by the Department of Neuroscience \ designed to inform and educate about neuroscience research and the influences it has on our daily lives. The recorded events are availbe on the UT Brainstomrs YouTube Channel.